Katy Perry Part Of Me

Katy Perry has released the full version of her music video for “Part of Me”, a single from the re-release of Teenage Dreams album. In the music video Perry’s character responds to her boyfriend’s unfaithful ways by joining the US Marines, cutting her hair short and joining others in a gruelling training program.

Katy Perry Part Of Me

Click on the image below to play the Part Of Me video in YouTube


Filming was shot at filmed at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base, California, by director Ben Mor via Little Minx/Black Dog with executive producers Jill Hammer and Coleen Haynes, producers Tony McGarry and Danny Lockwood, production supervisor Cisco Newman, director of photography Trent Opaloch, production designer Richard Lassalle, art coordinator Caitlin Reilly, stylist Wujek, key hair stylist Pamela Neal and key makeup artist Jake Bailey.

  • Lia | Graphics Design In Los Angeles

    She’s just so cool!! Katy Perry rocks on the vid!! I honestly think she can do it in the military. And my gosh, she looks pretty with short hair.

  • advertising agency boca raton

    They did a really good job with this video!

  • Aliana

    This is silly. A boy breaks your heart so you join the army? I feel like this is more insulting to female marines than it is some homage to “girl power”.

  • mad

    weirdest music video i have ever seen !!