Julyna Posters for Cervical Cancer Awareness

Men have Movember. Women in Canada have Julyna. What started out as a few friends expressing Movember-envy over drinks, turned into a swanky event at a ‘social ballroom’ and over $50,000 fundraised for cervical cancer awareness. These friends saw the need for an initiative to raise awareness for female cancers and thus, Julyna was born. While men grow creative moustaches in Movember, women are encouraged to get creative with their woo-hoo grooming in July, or “Julyna”. Julyna’s mission is to increase awareness of cervical cancer, and to promote healthy lifestyle choices in an effort to prevent the spread of HPV (human papillomavirus). In addition, Julyna aims to raise money for The Canadian Cancer Society for the funding of further cervical cancer research. The Julyna team worked with Cossette Montreal to design a set of three promotional posters for the fundraising event, using skin tones and typography inspired by pubic hair.

Julyna the C Word

It’s time to embrace that 4 letter C word. Cure. Show your support where the sun don’t shine. Let’s win the fight against cancer one Woohoo at a time.

Julyna where the Sun Don't Shine

Julyna Woohoo


The Julyna Posters campaign was developed at Cossette, Montreal, by creative directors Dave Douglass, associate creative director/design lead Tom Koukodimos, art director Angela Sung, copywriter Rachel Abrams, media manager Tim Beach, working with Julyna founder Vanessa Willson.