Jim Beam It’s Time

Jim Beam Australia is running “It’s Time”, an integrated advertising campaign centred on the concept of beckoning call. “There’s nothing better than getting together with your mates and having a cracker night out, and there’s no better way to describe the feeling it gives you than with a “AYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA!” The campaign began with jungle calls broadcast around Sydney in the three days leading up to the broadcast of the first television commercial. Print ads in commuter magazine mX coincided with calls issued in train stations. The campaign will culminate in April on the Jim Beam Australia Facebook page with a ‘The Wall of Calls’ in which consumers upload their calls.

Jim Beam It's Time

Click on the image below to play the The Call video in YouTube

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The It’s Time campaign was developed at The Works Sydney by creative partner Damian Pincus, creative director Kevin McNamara, creatives Will Clark, Steve Engstrom and Shelby Lane-Brown, creative project manager Lindsey Carmichael, working with Jim Beam brand director Ray Noble.

Filming was shot by director Tim Brown via Mosaic Films, Sydney, with executive producer Craig Bolles.

Media was handled by Unity Communications. PR was handled by Burson-Marsteller Australia.

Jim Beam It's Time

  • James Clifton

    Slightly annoying commercial, let’s hope this fad catches on.

  • Cherlize Dodge

    The bestest drink and so funny @thedancingfox you rock

  • Rai

    I will never drink this because of the commercial, awful.

  • jamie

    Absolutely atrocious. Bourbon and coke is my standard order at the bar. Such is the awfulness of this ad i now hate the jim beam brand and anything associated with it. My order will henceforth be “cougar and coke” instead of “bourbon and coke”. I will miss you, Jimmy. Sell gold label again and i may forgive you.

  • Yihan

    The most annoying commercials,such horrible yellings and ugly human faces, does it try to tell us people who drink it will lose control and become so terrible?? Hope it will disappear soon !

  • Kat

    I HATE this ad. It is horrid

  • Adz

    This ad annoys me to the point I want to put my head through the tv! I have since converted to rum which now mellows me out.