Jeep Life Search Engine

Chrysler Australia is running a range of commercials for the Jeep Grand Cherokee, bringing together the concept of mobile search engine with humanity’s incurable determination to never stop searching. Two Life Search Engine commercials: “Traveller” and “Glacier”, each have the same voiceover. “From the day we’re born, we’re searching. Often we’re not sure what for. But something calls us onwards. Something makes us wonder. Something makes us believe that we’ll find an answer. You might say that life itself is a search. So whatever you do, don’t stop searching. Don’t hold back.”

Jeep Life Search Engine Fence

Click on the image below to play the Traveller video.

Click on the image below to play the Glacier video.

Life Search Engine Credits

The Life Search Engine campaign was developed at CumminsRoss, Melbourne by executive creative director Jason Ross, chief executive officer Sean Cummins, creatives Ed Howley and Toby Cummings, producer Craig Griffin, group account director Magdalina Triantafyllidis, account manager Andrew Stone, agency producer Susannah George.

Filming was shot in Melbourne, Chile, Patagonia and Argentina by director Germain McMicking via The Directors Group.

Post production was done at Method Studios by editor Michael Houlihan.

Sound was designed at Risk Sound. Music is “Life Search” by Ben Allen.