JC Penney and Ellen de Generes at Academy Awards

JC Penney featured comedian Ellen DeGeneres in an advertising campaign launched in association with the 2012 Oscars. JC Penney was the official retail sponsor of the Academy Awards. Ellen’s choice as the company’s new ambassador was a controversial one. One Million Mums, a conservative pressure group, threatened to organise a boycott of JC Penney because of their perceived association with homosexual lifestyle. As viewers of the Oscars would have noticed, JC Penney has not backed down. Ellen appeared in five commercials set in ancient Rome, the Wild West, an English hat store, 1950s America, all online at jcpenney.com/Ellen.

JC Penney Ellen de Generes in Roman Returns

Changing Room introduces the time travel concept to the new Ellen campaign. JC Penney has made history and invited Ellen along for the ride. Click on the image below to play the Changing Room video in YouTube

Have returns always been so ridiculous? Travel back in time to ancient Rome with Ellen to find out. Click on the image below to play the Roman Returns video in YouTube

Ellen finds out first hand just how dangerous coupons can be when she enters a Wild West corner store. Click on the image below to play the Western Coupons video in YouTube

Ellen tips her cap to honest pricing with a visit to England. Click on the image below to play the Hat Pence No Pennies video in YouTube

Ellen says no to doorbuster sales and tries to get her beauty rest back in the black and white world of the 1950s. Click on the image below to play the 50’s Wake-Up video in YouTube

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