Intel Ultrabook Temptations

Intel’s Ultrabook Temptations campaign has won Gold for Outdoor at the 2012 Spikes Creativity Awards. Six social experiments were staged across Australia, Indonesia, and Thailand using Ultrabooks™ as bait. The psychological studies were all devised to make participants step out of their comfort zone, but more specifically observe the human qualities of Determination, Power, Daring, Excitement, Persistence and Persuasiveness; the same qualities that went into the creation of the Ultrabook. Online at, the Ultrabook™ Temptations are a series of social experiments that explore just what people are prepared to do to get their hands on an Ultrabook™.

The Ultrabook Temptations

In THE DARING TEMPTATION, watch and see if someone will smash and grab an Ultrabook™ in Jakarta’s Gambir Station.

In THE DETERMINED TEMPTATION, watch and see if beachgoers will scour Sydney’s iconic Bondi sand to find an Ultrabook™.

In THE POWERFUL TEMPTATION, watch and see if the crowd at Bangkok’s Lumpinee Boxing Stadium will unleash raw power in the quest to win an Ultrabook™.

In THE PERSUASIVE TEMPTATION, watch and see if one person can persuade several strangers to help them win an Ultrabook™ in Melbourne’s Federation Square.

In THE EXCITED TEMPTATION, watch and see if someone will go crazy with excitement in downtown Jakarta to win an Ultrabook™.

In THE PERSISTENT TEMPTATION, watch and see if someone will ride an escalator all day in Bangkok’s Siam Centre in order to win an Ultrabook™.


The Ultrabook Temptations campaign was developed at The Monkeys, Sydney, by executive creative director Justin Drape, digital creative director/art director/copywriter Jay Gelardi, art director Brent Tunney, head of broadcast production Thea Carone, agency producer Mark Summerville, group content director Dan Beaumont, executive planning director Fabio Buresti, digital director Ben Cooper, digital producers Debbie Sit and Izabela Gniewkowska, content director Kristen Hardeman, content manager Pia Mcmorran, director Jeremy Hancock, executive producer Stuart Couzens Alfred and editor Stew Arnott.

Sound was designed and mixed at Song Zu.