ING Card Penguin

ING Romania is promoting its new debit card, the Card Complet, with a stop frame animation featuring a penguin with a bent for survival. Fishing for a meal goes fine until a local orca decides to make the penguin the meal. Fortunately, the penguin has a plan for such occasions.

ING Card Penguin


The Card Complet campaign was developed at CAP, Bucharest.

Animation was produced at Studioset by animator/producer Dan Mateescu, animator/craft artist Andy Sinboy, animator/art director/character designer/craft artist Damian Groves, animation simulation artist/producer Adrian Agheniței, crafting team Alexandra Peltan, Anton Groves, Iulia Tomescu, Bogdan Orcula, sound designer Marius Angelescu

Photography was produced at Carioca by Dragos Coman, assistant Horatiu Sovaiala and producer Cosmin Minu.

See the making-of video below.

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