Impossible Airfield

Defence Force Recruiting (Defence Jobs) in Australia is running “Impossible Airfield”, an advertising campaign centred on a full-scale military operation that sets out to prove to the Australian public that the Air Force isn’t just a bunch of flashy pilots. The three-part online series, online at and the DefenceJobsAustralia Youtube channel, features 250 troops from a multitude of unsung roles, from plumbers and medics to cooks and logistics personnel, as they attempt the impossible: To travel to the middle of nowhere, build a fully operational airfield and land their largest aircraft, a C-17 Globemaster, in just 36 hours. Each episode contains hotlinks that allow viewers to explore and learn more about the featured jobs from the troops themselves.

Impossible Airfield

Click on the image below to play the trailer in YouTube

381 Expeditionary Combat Support Squadron is briefed on the mission. All 250 members must be prepared for anything because once they leave the base for the remote location, the is no turning back. Click on the image below to play Episode 1 in YouTube.

After a long and arduous journey 381 Squadron are on location, now the real work begins – building an airfield in 36 hours. Click on the image below to play Episode 2 in YouTube

Can the team complete the airfield in time? With a deadline looming and the aircraft on rote to its remote location, all it takes is one thing to go wrong for the entire operation to be jeopardised. Click on the image below to play Episode 3 in YouTube

Impossible Airfield Credits

The Impossible Airfield campaign was developed at George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne, working with executive creative director Ben Coulson, creative director/art director Chris Northam, copywriter Evan Roberts, agency producers Elizabeth Rocka and Sheridan Bott, digital creative director Mark Addy, digital art director Nick Sellars, digital copywriter Phon Vongdara, technical director Brendan McMahon, frontend developer Dilshan DeSilva, digital producer Jess Krt, digital designers Janna Mamar, Kota Matsuda, Stephanie Kafkaris, group account director Julian Bell, account directors Leah Champion, Alice Mason, account manager Jenna Stafford, digital account director Simon Bolger, working with Air Force marketing manager Kate Mathews and senior marketing officer Tim Bowden.

Filming was shot by director Zach Merck via Radical Media, Sydney, with executive producer Ian Fowler.

Post production was done at Heckler. Sound was produced at Nylon Studios.