Hyundai Think Fast

Hyundai is running “Think Fast,” a 30-second television commercial designed to be shown during the fourth quarter of the 2012 Super Bowl NFL game. The commercial stars Bob Jensen, the star of Bob’s High-Powered Business Tips, in a series of humorous online videos. In Think Fast a young professional is driving his boss, Bob, a seasoned business pro, in his Genesis Coupe R-Spec. Bob is about to deliver a pearl of wisdom when he falls unconscious. The young driver hits the brakes hard, then throws his Genesis Coupe into drive repeatedly, generating enough force to revive Bob, at which time he delivers his piece of advice unphased by his apparent health scare.

Hyundai Think Fast

At 348 horsepower, the Genesis Coupe gives new meaning to the phrase “Heart Pounding Power”.

Bob’s High-Powered Business Tips

The audience can see more of “Bob’s High-Powered Business Tips” by visiting Hyundai’s YouTube Channel.

Think Fast Credits

The Think Fas ad was developed at Innocean by creative directors Robert Prins, Max Godsil and Eric Springer, and producer Jen Weinberg.

Filming was shot by director Daniel Kleinman via Rattling Stick.

Editor was Steve Gandolfi at Cut + Run.