Hot Wheels Mice

Mattel Toys Hungary Kft. ran “Baldy”, “Grumpy”, “Limpy”, three in-store posters reminding children and parents about the unique Hot Wheels experience. The posters, displayed over Christmas 2011, captured children’s imagination and show a world where Hot Wheels racecars disturb the lives of the tiny pedestrians: mice. The campaign won a Silver Design award for illustration at the 2012 London International Awards.

Hot Wheels Baldy

Hot Wheels Grumpy

Hot Wheels Limpy


The Mice campaign was developed at Ogilvy Budapest by executive creative directors Will Rust and Ferenc Benesch, copywriters Karolina Galácz and Balázs Vizi, art director Zoltán Visy, photographer/illustrator Thomas Mangold, strategic planner Martin Alles, account director Balázs Száday.