Hornbach No One Feels It Like You Do

Soundsquare, a sound and music production company in Prague, has won Gold for Film (Sound Design) at the London International Awards for “No One Feels It Like You Do”, a television commercial for Hornbach DIY. The German home improvement superstores chain commissioned “Symphony”, a commercial likening the sounds associated with pneumatic drills, sawing and painting to drums, cellos and a paint saturated trombone. The ad, launched in April, followed on from the success of “Festival”, featuring a builder, hammer and nails in the middle of a forest.

Hornbach No one feels it like you do

Hornbach No one feels it like you do - Drummer
Hornbach No one feels it like you do - Trombone
Hornbach No one feels it like you do - Ears
Hornbach No one feels it like you do - Saw
Hornbach No one feels it like you do - Cellist

Click on the image below to play the Festival video.


The Symphony ad was developed at Heimat, Berlin, by chief creative officer/creative director copywriter Guido Heffels, copywriter/art director Niels M√ľnter, copywriter Sabina Hesse, art director Susanna Fill, agency producer Kerstin Heffels, account directors Nicole Varga, Mark Hassan and Maik Richter, working with Hornbach marketing directors Frank Sahler and Julia Ziegelmann.

Filming was shot by director Martin Krejci via Stink, Berlin, with producers Jan Dressler and Seth Wilson, director of photography Stepan Kucera, and set art director Rick Kofoed.

Post production was done at The Mill, London. Editor was Filip Malasek at Robota, Prague, and NHB.

Sound was designed by Viktor Ekrt at Soundsquare, Prague. Music was produced at Squeak E. Clean, Los Angeles.

Sound for Festival was designed at at Thomas Berlin, Berlin. Online work was done at One of Us, London, by Stephane Allender and Tom Sparks. Colorist was Seamus O’Kane at The Mill.