Hoppy New Year Frogs for 2013

San Francisco motion-graphics production company Gunshop has produced “Hoppy New Year”, a video using frogs to work out the 2013 anagram. In the brainstorming for the video, they discovered the relationship between the number sequence 0123 and 2013. After dozens of less original ideas, they arrived at the concept of a frog powered anagram. Working with talent Sheila, an Australian White’s tree frog, had it’s challenges. To celebrate her success, Sheila ate a dozen crickets followed by a remarkably large bowel movement.

Hoppy New Year 2013


Filming was produced at Gunshop, San Francisco, by director/editor Stacy Nimmo, director of photography Sean Cope, compositor/tracker Fabio Lamarche, tracker Bernardo Pichardo, with music by Piotr Pacyna.

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