Hooked Fish & Chips

Hooked Is a gourmet Fish & Chip franchise based in Melbourne. Their main pitch is “Healthy Seafood”, backed up by a commitment to using locally grown potatoes (no frozen chips), fresh, cholesterol-free Australian cottonseed oil, and organic drinks. This print and outdoor advertising campaign features a fish with a focus on fitness.

Hooked Fish & Chips print ad

Hooked Fish & Chips print ad


The Hooked campaign was developed at Hub Group by art director/copywriter Paul Findlay and photographer Hugh Peachey.

Hub was involved with every aspect of the Hooked brand experience – from the Brand Strategy through to a handmade Brand Mark, staff uniforms, packaging and the fitout itself.

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  • Rodney Fleming

    I personally have never heard of the Hooked brand; however, they have a big idea on their hands here. This could have endless brand extensions and executions on a variety of fronts. It’s both topical and relevant.

    What I do wonder is why they chose to target a seemingly male audience? Based on these advertisements it’s clearly geared towards males, but I believe feminine executions would also be beneficial.

    What does everyone else think?

    *I’m currently a student at Syracuse University studying Social Media Theory & Practice with @dr4ward at @NewhouseSU, I just began subscribing to your blog, and I’m excited to continue following it. #NewhouseSM4*

  • Love the concept.

    Like Rodney, I wonder if they are actively targeting the male market?

  • Amazing

    awesome love it 🙂