Honda Internavi Connecting Lifelines

Honda Internavi is a navigation system that recommends routes based on real-time traffic data collected via the 3G network from other Internavi-equipped Honda vehicles. By color-coding roads based on accessibility, Honda has converted a complex set of data into an easy to read real-time map. The Internavi network became a vital tool for recovery following the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami that rocked Northeastern Japan. Within 20 hours of the quake Honda’s Internavi system identified the roads that remained intact based on 3G network traffic analysis, making it possible to find ways to get rescue workers, heavy equipment and supplies such as water, food, clothing and blankets to the places that needed help. The project was awarded a Yellow Pencil for Digital Design at the D&AD Awards.

Internavi Connecting Lifelines

Internavi closely tracked traffic conditions, and the following information was publicized in the form of an easy to understand visual map: roads that had been used since the disaster, roads that had not been used in the last 24 hours, and roads that had remained open continuously. The information was distributed via the internet and through Google Maps. Internavi continuously tracked both the ever-changing road conditions throughout Japan and the state of recovery work following the disaster. Internavi contributed to rebuilding efforts by literally showing the road to recovery.

Internavi data proved so useful in Japan that it quickly spread organically via a variety of social networking services. In one year, membership increased 120%, and usage jumped 200%.


The Connecting Lifelines project was developed at Dentsu Inc, Tokyo, by creative director Kaoru Sugano, copywriters Sotaro Yasumochi and Nadya Kirillova, art directors Yu Orai and Ryuta Mideki, interactive designers Seiichi Saito and Keisuke Arikuni, illustrator Sergio Nishida, computer artists Hiroyuki Hori and Akira Hayasaka, planners Kyoko Yonezawa, Hiroko Ise and Yuhei Urano.

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