Honda Anti Theft Negotiator

Honda is promoting TERII (Theft Evasion Response Intelligent Interface), a new anti-car theft technology to be available on all 2012 Honda models. A video released today shows how TERII attempts to reason with potential thieves who ignore blaring car alarms. Touch-point biometric technology uses door-handle fingerprint scanners to decipher who should or should not have access to the vehicle. When an unauthorized person activates the technology, a robotic-sounding woman’s voice advises the potential wrongdoer to step away from the vehicle. Negotiations escalate as the perpetrator persists. TERII warns, “Get your hands off me! I will destroy you!”


Click on the image below to play the Honda Anti Theft Negotiator video.

Honda Anti Theft Negotiator Credits

The Theft Evasion campaign was developed at RPA by executive creative director Joe Baratelli, group creative director Jason Sperling, senior creative director/copywriter J Barbush, art director Brian Farkas, copywriter Tylynne McCauley, senior producer Mark Tripp and assistant producer Ryan Radley.

Filming was shot by directors Stephen Carmona and Mark Tripp. Editor was Chris Scheer at Butcher Edit with executive producer Rob Van and producer Chrissy Hamilton.

Sound and music were produced at Margarita Mix by engineer/mixer Nathan Dubin and producer Whitney Warren.