Homeless Banners

Homeless Banners, an interactive project for Stadmission in Sweden, has picked up a Webby Award for Banner Campaigns for Garbergs in Stockholm. The agency set out to raise awareness of the not-for-profit organisation’s work with the homeless by creating a collection of homeless banners in need of shelter on sites or blogs, with the message “Den här bannern är hemlös” (This banner is homeless). Visitors to the depressing looking site hemlosabanners.se could pick a banner, copy-paste a piece of code and embed it on their own site. When embedded, a click on the banner led to the donation page on Stadsmissionen.se.

Homeless Banner

Hemlos - Homeless Banner

After a month 415 sites and blogs had hosted a banner, including Aftonbladet.se, Sweden’s most popular news site, and Eniro.se, the Yellow Pages in Sweden. Every blog and site had their name displayed in the banner they hosted. A counter in the banner displayed the length of time the banner had been hosted. The more people clicked on the banners the warmer the banner’s colour. The Homeless Banners site provided a list of the site with the longest hosting times and the banners with the most clicks.

Homeless Banner Top 20


The Homeless Banners campaign was developed at Garbergs, Stockholm, by art director Mattias Dahlqvist, copywriter Hampus Mattsson, digital director Magnus Hällstén, creative director Petter Ödeen, account director Pernilla Berg, account manager Birgitta Bergström, graphic designer Jacob Frisk, and at Bannerboy by Flash guru Martin Lindelöf and account supervisor Erik Olsson.

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