Heineken The Switch

Heineken has launched “The Switch”, a new television commercial following on from the success of “The Entrance” and “The Date“. In Heineken The Switch, the Legend and two friends turn up at tired bar for a drink. As the bartender pours the beer he uses a lever behind the bar to set off a series of spinning gears, transforming the dive into a high class establishment.

Heineken The Switch

Heineken The Switch Credits

The Switch was developed at TBWA Neboko Amsterdam, by creative director Jeroen van de Sande, art director Niels de Kuiper, copywriter Sander Volleman, agency producer Rosemarie Praaning, strategist Daan Remarque, account team Patritia Pahladsingh, Jascha Hoogendijk, Joeri Bakker, Jeroen Konings working with Heineken International marketing team Sandrine Huijgen and Sarah Nisenbaum, Heineken Netherlands marketing team Hans Bohm, Ralph Rijks and Rob van Griensven.

Filming was shot by director Martin Krejci via Stink London with executive producer Edward Grann, producer Malachy McAnney, set art director Max Gottlieb, and offline editor Fillip Malasek at Robota.

Post production was done at Glassworks Amsterdam by colorist Scott Harris, with Seamus O’Kane at The Mill.

Sound was produced at The Ambassadors. Music was produced at MassiveMusic featuring Australian soul train artists Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes.

Heineken The Switch Clairy Browne and The Bangin' Rackettes
Heineken The Switch