Head2Head Smokeable Business Cards

Head2Head, a head shop in Toronto, Canada, recently commissioned the production of smokeable business cards. The shop’s focus on drug paraphernalia for comsumption of cannabis and other recreational drugs is picked up in a card that contains five perforated filters. Head2Head worked with Bos, Toronto, to produce a rebrand that included a value-added product for their clients that wouldn’t cost them an arm and a leg. The card provides customers with a functional benefit with a stickiness factor. The card would be something you’d hold onto and refer to, as frequently as you smoked.

Head2Head Smokeable Business Card

Head2Head Smokeable Business Card

Head2Head Smokeable Business Card


The Head2Head business card was designed at Bos, Toronto, by creative director/copywriter Gary Watson, art director Jennifer Saunders.

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