Halo 4 Commissioning Trailer

343 Industries has launched “The Commissioning”, an epic trailer for Halo 4, revealing the “ancient evil” that awaits Master Chief and his crew. The new game, designed for the Xbox 360, will debut on November 6 . The Halo 4 Commissioning film starts off with the Halo Universe enjoying a four year respite from war. The UNSC Infinity, once designed for battle, is about to embark on a mission to explore new worlds on a peace mission until it falls under the attack of a new enemy, kicking off the first rung of a new Halo trilogy.

Halo 4 Commissioning UNSC Infinity

Click on the image below to play the Commissioning trailer

Halo 4 Commissioning Credits

The Commissioning trailer was developed at Twofifteen McCann by chief creative officer Scott Duchon, associate creative directors Neil Bruce and Joe Rose, art director Jeremy Diessner, producer Alex Spahr, director of integrated production Tom Wright, management supervisor Luke Lamson, business director Peter Goldstein.

Filming was shot by director Nicolai Fuglsig via MJZ with executive producers Emma Wilcockson and David Zander, line producer Suza Horvat, director of photography Alwin Kuchler, production designer Christopher Glass.

Editor was Eric Zumbrunnen at Final Cut with assistant editor Scott Butzer, executive producer Saima Awan, producer Jennifer Miller. Colorist was Stefan Sonnenfeld at Company 3.

Original music was composed by Neil Davidge with producer Andrew Morgan. Sound was mixed by Andy Bradfield at 365 Artists. Vocals are by Claire Tchaikovsky. Sound was designed by Brian Emrich at Trinitite Studios. Sound was mixed at Lime Studios by mixer Rohan Young, assistant mixer Jeff Malen and executive producer Jessica Locke.

Visual effects and title animation were produced at Method Studios by senior executive producer Gabby Gourrier, head of production Stephanie Gilgar, VFX producer Bethan Thomas, production coordinator Marisa Bursteen, VFX supervisor Benjamin Walsh, 2D lead Dominik Bauch, DFX supervisor Nordin Rahhali, compositors Ryan Urban, Ian Holland, Jon Chesson, Sandro Blattner, Chris Bankoff, Chad Buehler, Jim Kuroda, Matt Wilson, John Stewart, Brett Reyenger, Zach Cole, Benjamin Mattern, smoke artist Aaron Neitz, animation team Benjamin Mattern, James Parris, Alejandro Castro, FX team Jack Zaloga, Dan LeTarte, Charles Trippe, Sergey Kosareff, Arrev Chantikian, James Kirk, generalist Johnny Diaz, lighters Dan Seddon, Charles Abou Aad, Aaron Vest, David Lo, Pol Chantsaramee, Marion Spates, Ili Chiang, modeling team Sung-Churl Kim, Toshihiro Sakamaki, Chad Fehmie, Samuel Perez, texture team Josh Frontino, Frida Sahono-Jozwik, Ron Bushaw, rigging team Marc Berrouet and George Saavadera, painters Pam Gonzales and Patricio Fernandez, roto supervisor Stephanie Sweeney, roto artist Mark Duckworth, matte painters Andree Wallin, Danny Janevski, David Brochard, Marc Samson, tracking supervisor Fabio Zapata, tracking team Tom Stanton, Lauren Rogers, David Sudd, Luis Rodriguez, Apirak Kamian, Alex Tirasongkran, Juan Colon, designers Mike Sausa, Pouyan Navid, Alex Gibbs, Bernard Crosland, Matthew Lee, Jessica Engels, Zack Laplant, Jamie Souyer.