Graffiti Abuse is Hidden

Fondos Unidos de Puerto Rico (United Way of Puerto Rico) promoted the launch of their web site,, with a graffiti advertising campaign highlighting the realities of domestic violence. Giant stickers using the phrases “Ana te amo” (Ana I love You) and “María te amo (Maria I love You) were strategically placed in places with high pedestrian traffic. Approaching the graffiti uncovered the reality behind the expressions of affection: the letters were composed of an endlessly repeated phrase: “I hit you”. The other one hid the message “I insult you” in its letters. A small sign below the graffiti provided the message, “Abuse is hidden”.

Maria Te Amo

Te Amo Graffiti in Puero Rico


The Te Amo Graffiti campaign was developed at Badillo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Puerto Rico, by executive creative director Juan Carlos Rodríguez, associate creative director Mariano German, senior copywriters Pedro José Pérez and Jonathan Díaz, senior art director/typographer Fernando Suárez, senior art director Cristina Burckhart, art director/typographer Omar Santiago, account directors Jessica Rivera and Julio Semidey.