GQ Villains in Evil Instincts Film

GQ has launched “Evil Instincts”, a set of seven films featuring some of Hollywood’s top list celebrities as they explore the sinister side of life’s everyday undertakings. The project began as a series of stills, entitled “Bad Guys”, commissioned by GQ to be photographed by Kander (represented by Stockland Martel for print). However, Kander soon realized there was an opportunity to take the concept further by shooting accompanying short films. The films, featuring various iconic actors, initially appear to be depicting villainous acts, but as the camera pans out very banal activities are revealed. The series and stills are available for viewing on both and in the ipad edition of GQʼs June issue.

GQ Benicio Del Toro in tears

GQ Villain Benicio Del Toro

GQ Villain Jack Gleeson

GQ Villain Ron Perlman

GQ Villain Mark Strong

GQ Villain Malcolm McDowell

GQ Villain John Hawkes

GQ Villain Walton Goggins

GQ Villains Credits

Filming for GQ Villains Evil Instincts was shot by director Nadav Kander via Chelsea Pictures (film) and Stockland Martel (still). Editor was J.D. Smyth at Final Cut, with colourist Pearly Leung, VFX artist Cecil Hooker and sound mixer T. Terressa Tate at Barking Owl.

Actors featured are Benicio Del Toro (Chopping Onions), Malcolm McDowell (Washing Dishes), Jack Gleeson (The Gardener), John Hawkes (Pest Control), Mark Strong (Stuffing Suitcase), Ron Perlman (Jammed Jar) and Walton Goggins (Texting).

To capture the essence of these perceived miscreant acts, Kander said, “The idea of villains leans to the shadow side of the human psyche. Where some tend to ignore this human condition, I believed there was a way to capture its beauty.”