Google Jess Time

Google has launched “Jess Time”, the latest in a series of commercials designed to promote the use of Google’s suite of online communication products. Elliot Lowery and daughter Jess use Google Chrome, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Hangout to stay in touch in during Jess’ freshman year. It becomes clear that this is an arrangement designed to support both, as they grieve for a wife and mother.

Google Jess Time

Jess Time Credits

Jess Time is part of a campaign developed at BBH New York and Google Creative Lab by creative directors Larry Corwin and Jesse Juriga, associate creative director Caprice Yu, copywriter Jim Robbins, art director Jess Shriftman, producer Christine Lindemann, executive creative director Iain Tait, creative director Josh Rosen and copywriter Natalie Hammel.

Filming was shot by director Nanette Burstein via Hungry Man with executive producers Kevin Byrne, Cindy Becker, line producer Elizabeth Amaral, director of photography Bob Chappell, producers Mary Ellen Verrusio and Calleen Coburn. Editing was done at Lost Planet.

Music is “Broken Chair” by Chris and Thomas.