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Good Books continues its unique charity funding model with “Havana Heat”, the second short film in the Great Writers series. The first in the series, Metamorphosis, a twisted look at the Good Books story as might have been told by the dark lord of Gonzo, Hunter S Thompson, won Gold for animation at the London International AWards. Havana Heat is a steamy love letter to Good Books, in the bodice-ripping language made famous by Mills & Boon books (available through the online store at Each of the Great Writers films builds on the concept of telling the Good Books story in the style of some of the world’s greatest authors. All time and effort is donated for free fuelling the cornerstone of Good Books, for the collective good.

Good Books Havana Heat

Click on the image below to play the Havana Heat video.

The Good Books model is unique – and simple. Online book buyers are asked to do no more than just buy the titles they want through Good Books. All retail profits are then given to Oxfam to help fight its global battle against poverty and social injustice. There is no mark-up and delivery is free worldwide. Good Books was created by Dr Jane Cherrington, a keen observer of human consumer behavior. As the world’s altruistic community becomes harder to tap, she proposed a new model to provide a perpetual revenue stream for charity by converting an everyday purchase opportunity into a vehicle for gifting – in this case, books.

More films are planned, and fans of the series could find themselves with a role to play in sharing the story. Fans of books (and indeed films) are welcome to pitch scripts, offer services, or make suggestions for film subjects to help bring the Good Books story to life.

Good Books Credits

The Good Books film campaign was developed at String Theory, Auckland, by executive creative director/copywriter Jeremy Taine, executive producer Nick Barnes, working with Good Books director Jane Cherrington.

Havana Heat was animated at The Mill by Simon & Mcbess.

Metamorphosis was animated at Buck, Los Angeles. Sound and music were produced at Antfood, New York, by sound designer/composer Wilson Brown, audio engineer Spencer Casey, music producer Sean McGovern.