Go Outside Repellent Radio

Go Outside‘s Repellent Radio campaign has won the 2012 Grand Prix for Radio at Cannes International Festival of Creativity. The outdoor magazine worked with Sao Paulo radio station Band FM to add a 15 khz frequency sound to its normal music programming, between 6 pm and 8 pm every night for three weeks. The tone simulated the sound of a dragonfly, the natural predator of mosquitos. People listening to the radio outside were able to do without fear of being bitten.

Go Outside Repellent Radio

Click on the image below to play the Repellent Radio case study video in YouTube


The Repellent Radio campaign was developed at Talent, Sao Paulo, by executive creative director João Livi, creative directors Philippe Degen and Felipe Luchi, copywriters Leandro Lourenção, Bruno Bomediano and Philippe Degen, media director Herbert Gomes, agency producer Maria Herminia Weinstock, account supervisor Camila Mancebo, producer Cristiano Pinheiro, account manager Erick Sobral working with Go Outside executive editor Debora Liotti. Sound was produced at Punch Studio.

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  • Tom

    It´s a great idea, but unfortunately it does´nt work, because only very, very few high fidelity radios can perform the requested range of MHz.

  • Ben

    There are three very good reasons why this does not work.

    1) All blood feeding mosquitoes, studied to date, are only capable of hearing low frequency sounds, at a maximum of up to 2 kHz.

    2) Females have never been shown to have negative phonotaxis to sound. In fact the only response to sound has been show in, non biting, male mosquitoes which are attracted to it.

    3) Mosquitoes are sensitive to particle displacement not pressure level. Particle displacement is largest in the near field or close to the sound source and decreases drastically for high frequencies or far away from the sound source.

    This is very immoral of people to pass this off as helping against mosquitoes.

  • Ben

    Dragonflies fly at about 200 Hz!