Glyde Gamestop Protest, an online market where people buy and sell used games, phones, tablets and books, has taken on the perceived competition, Gamestop, with a protest video featuring crotch kicks. In the Gamestop Protest video, a man sets up a booth at an actual county fair and allows people to kick him in the crotch for $8, the price he’s likely to get for a used game at Gamestop. After he’s kicked squarely in the crotch, he recovers, and yells to the crowd: “Still better than GameStop.”

Glyde Gamestop Protest

Click on the image below to play the viral video (October 2011) in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the edited TV commercial (January 2012) in YouTube

Gamestop Protest Credits

The Gamestop Protest campaign was developed at Hub Strategy, San Francisco, by creative director/copywriter DJ O’Neil, copywriter Jeff Feng, camera/sound Peter Smith, editor Pete Fleming, producers Jeremy Cook and Meghan Raab, stunt coordinator Luke Kearney.

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