Giffgaff Unlock a Chicken

giffgaff, a mobile telephone company in the UK, has launched “Unlock a Duck”, an advertising campaign starring Keith Harris and Orville the Duck. Keith and Orville the Duck sing together as KOrville in “The Contract”, a mobile tribute to the mobile network with the tagline “Unlock your phone and unlock a chicken”. The rap contrasts giffgaff with other networks that lock users into contracts like battery chickens. giffgaff are working in partnership with the Wood Green Animal Shelter to re-home battery hen chickens when new giffgaff SIM cards are activated. Fans can connect with the campaign on the giffgaff Facebook page.

giffgaff Unlock a Chicken

Click on the image below to play the Unlock a Chicken video.

Tom Rainsford giffgaff’s Head of Brand and Proposition said; “giffgaff wants to be a force for positive change. We don’t lock people into long contracts and we don’t think battery hens should be locked up but instead re-homed. This campaign will not only liberate people tied to long mobile contracts but also raise awareness of battery chicken re-homing programs and who better to do that than the worlds most iconic bird…oh and Keith.”

giffgaff Unlock a Chicken - Orville in Cage
giffgaff Unlock a Chicken - Orville and Keith

Unlock a Chicken Credits

The Unlock A Chicken campaign was developed at Albion London by executive creative director Nick Darken, producer Petrina Kilby, strategic director Glyn Britton, planner Adam Butters, business director Beth Davenport, business manager Nes Sahinkaya.

Filming was shot by director Ben Whitehouse via Agile Films with producer Andy Eaton.

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