Get Back To Tohoku

East Japan Railway’s Tohoku Shinkansen brand, formed to attract visitors to the Tohoku Region in Japan, won Gold for Design at the 2012 Clio Awards and a Gold Design Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity. The Tōhoku region, in the north of Honshu, was deeply affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Travel to Akita, Aomori, Fukushima, Iwate, Miyagi and Yamagata was connected with rebuilding in an integrated branding exercise. The bodies of Shinkansen train cars were painted with dynamic designs that served to connect the regions of Eastern Japan. Posters and billboards encouraged visitors to get back to Tohoku. Train tickets were sold as a Tohoku support pass package.

Get Back Tohoku - One Line

The campaign successfully gathered a large number of travellers and followers among a demographic that had been difficult to entice. An overwhelming response was received during the launch of the event via online social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The promotion strengthened ties between clients and fans through helping to extend encouragement to locals affected by the disaster and instil hope in local children.

Get Back Tohoku - Akita

Get Back Tohoku - Aomori

Get Back Tohoku - Fukushima

Get Back Tohoku - Miyagi

Get Back Tohoku - Iwate

Get Back Tohoku - Yamagata

Get Back Tohoku - Yamagata

Get Back Tohoku


The Get Back to Tohoku campaign was developed at Dentsu, Tokyo and Dof Inc, Tokyo, by executive creative director Yukio Oshima, creative director Takuma Takasaki, art director Yoshihiro Yagi, copywriters Hiroshi Ichikura and Waca Sakamoto, executive producer Koji Wada, agency producer Taro Saito, account executives Ken Masuda and Hiroyuki Nakayama, printing producers Yohei Oda and Shinya Tamura, with Creative Power Unit designers Daisuke Hatakeyama, Rumiko Kobayashi, photographer Yasutoshi Fujiwara, Yokohama Super Factory photographer Osamu Oiso and photography coordinator Reiko Kukita.