Geico Maxwell the Pig Returns

Geico has brought back Maxwell the Pig, a character introduced in July 2010 as part of the “Ask the Geico Question Guy” campaign. Maxwell first appeared in the backseat of a car going “Whee” all the way home, earning over 8 million views on Geico’s YouTube channel. Now he’s going “Whee” all the way down a zip line, promoting the new Geico smartphone app.

Geico Maxwell the Pig on Zip Line

Click on the image below to play the Zip Line video in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the 2010 “Whee” video in YouTube


The Maxwell the Pig campaign was developed at The Martin Agency by chief creative officer John Norman, creative director Steve Bassett, associate creative director/copywriter Dave Gibson, agency producer Alex Scheer-Payne.

Filming was shot by director Brian Lee Hughes via Skunk with director of photography Paul Cameron, executive producers Matt Factor and Shelly Townsend, line producer Scott Craig.

Editor was Tom Scherma at Cosmo Street. Post production/VFX was produced at Click 3X. Colorist was Tim Masick at Company 3.

  • Carol Parker

    LOVE MAXWELL!!!! As do my friends!!! Was wondering if there is any way to buy them as a poster? I tried to look. I don’t have a printer! DUH. My sick friend in hospital could really use them to feel better & heal with laughter.These 2 are his favorites. “Piggy” & “Zip-line”. Mine too!!! We all LOVE Maxwell!!! Thanks! Always make us laugh!!! Carol

    Carol Parker
    P.O. Box 212 Modena, PA 19358


  • Gregory p Sorrentino

    Love maxwell the pig weeeeeeee

  • Jay

    Can maxwell be purchased as a stuffed animal?

  • Nancy

    I absolutely love Maxwell the pig, as does all my friends. I hope he becomes available to own so I can enjoy him whevever I go. He is fabulous, dahling.

  • Tammie Gadbois

    I have a great idea for your next commercial! Maxwell rides a motorcycle! I was on a ride yesterday and the thought hot me, red pinwheels blowing in the wind and Maxwell Weeeee Weeeee Weeee all the way home LOL…


      Maxie on the back of a chopper – that’s a GREAT idea! I’m laughing just thinking about it.

  • Joyce Murray

    More with Max!!! Love The Pig!!!
    Haven’t seen him as much lately!!

    Where can I buy a stuffed animal of Max???

  • Bob Watland

    heard maxwell on the radio the other day, is he coming back again? hope so my friends and I really liked maxwell, he is better than that lizard!! he’s been around to long. thanx bob

  • Linda Raymond

    Please , I need a good quality Maxwell a stuffed pig.