GE HealthyShare for Olympics

GE has launched “HealthyShare”, a Facebook app encouraging 2012 Olympics viewers to focus on their own fitness achievements. When an Olympic athlete sets a world record, millions of people stand and cheer. If you are ready to get healthy, then you can get your own standing ovation, from the people you care about most. Using HealthyShare you can share your health and fitness goals online. Each time you reach one of your goals, your Facebook friends will be there to cheer you on. OK, so it’s not quite the same thing as an Olympic medal ceremony… but it is a great way to start building a healthier lifestyle, and that might be the biggest reward of all. A series of four 15 second animated spots encourage viewers to get started today at

GE Olympics Sized Pool

Click on the image below to play the Achieving Olympic Sized Goals video

Click on the image below to play the Log On For Health video

Click on the image below to play the Health with Friends video

GE HealthyShare Credits

The GE HealthyShare campaign was developed at BDO New York by chief creative officer David Lubars, senior creative directors Eric Cosper and Michael Aimette, GE director of content Regina Ebel, producer Danielle Magee, creative director/copywriter Tim Roan, associate creative director/art director Anne Lac, director of music/radio Rani Vaz.

Animation was produced at Brand New School by creative director Dennis Go. Music was produced at Human Worldwide.