Game of Thrones Friends Dethroned

HBO is promoting the DVD release of the first season Game of Thrones with “Dethroned”, an interactive campaign in which fans find where their friends’ loyalties really lie. Fans access the Facebook app online at, fans can pick a Facebook friend to battle. Mutual friends decide who they like better, and who they want to betray. The verdict is presented in a first person point of view execution film, ending with the winner holding up the loser’s head.

Game of Thrones Dethroned

Click on the image below to play the Introducing Dethroned video.


The Game of Thrones campaign was developed at BBDO New York by chief creative officer David Lubars, executive creative directors Greg Hahn, Mike Smith and Mathias Appelblad, associate creative director/copywriter Rick Williams, associate creative director/art director Marcel Yunes, head of interactive production Niklas Lindstrom, senior interactive producer Katrina Cass, content producer Namik Minter, executive producer Ashley Sferro.

Filming was shot by director Rob Groenwold, with editor Micah Scarpelli.

Digital production was done at Stinkdigital by producers Iliana Espineira, JP Gary, Morgan Harary, Thomas Johanssen, Marcel Kornblum, Andrew Nida, Mark Pytlik and Thomas Ragger.

Sound was designed at Headroom.