Fuze Tea Zoetrope

Coca Cola is promoting the Fuze Tea brand with “Zoetrope”, a commercial set within a lush, handcrafted backdrop of an idealized tea plantation with a crisp, clear river running through it. A zoetrope featuring the natural ingredients of FUZE TEA, tea leaves, water and lemon, starts to spin and the journey begins. Illustrating FUZE TEA’s belief that bringing good things together creates even better things, the viewer is then presented with multiple zoetropes (12 carousels were used in all) that bring together people, joy, activity and delight to help convey the refreshing experience of the fusion of tea and natural fruit flavors. Closing with a panoramic scene of the FUZE TEA universe, Fuze Tea Zoetrope viewers are reminded of the possibilities that result when the very best ingredients are brought together to create something altogether delicious.

Fuze Tea Zoetrope

Fuze Tea Zoetrope Credits

The Fuze Tea Zoetrope Zoetrope ad involved more than 900 individual components designed by 30 skilled artists and artisans, more than 545 silhouettes, 90 hand cast and hand painted lemons, 36 sculptures of the flower created from one mold, 12 zoetropes, all shot on one set over two days in Los Angeles.

The Zoetrope commercial was developed at twofifteen mccann by chief creative officer Scott Duchon, associate creative directors Mat Bunnell and Steve Couture, art director Nik Daum, director of integrated production Tom Wright, producer Ben Latimer, account director Zach Rubin, account executive Lauren Mizrahi, business affairs director MaryBeth Barney.

Filming was shot by director Ben Steiger Levine via 1st Ave Machine with executive producers Mikha Grumet and Sam Penfield, line producer Leanne Amos, director of photography Shawn Kim, production designer Jeff Everett, Zoetrope designer Bob Partington, technical director Greg Anderson, post producer Nick Litwinko, head of production Dave Schulenburg, post producer Chris Scallo, lead CG pre-vis artist Dan Bollwerk, CG pre-vis artist Nick Dubois, pre-vis editor Michael Sullivan, lead compositor Ariel Altman, compositors Jeremiah Morehead, John Michael Buban and Maxim Kornev, lead 3D / CGI artist Dan Bollwerk, 3D / CGI artist Drew Arnold, roto / cleanup artists Alejandro Monzon, Jelena Vokosav, Mark Lieberman and Connie Conrad.

Editor was Akiko Iwakawa at Cut + Run with editorial assistant Stacy Peterson, editorial executive producer Raná Martin, editorial producer Ashley Carrier.

Telecine was produced at The Mill, New York, by colorist Damien Van Der Cruyssen.

Music was produced at Beacon Street by composers Andrew Feltenstein and John Nau, music executive producer Adrea Lavezzoli, music producer Leslie DiLullo.

Sound was designed at Henryboy by sound designer Bill Chesley and executive producer Kate Gibson. Sound was mixed at Sound Lounge by mixer Rob DiFondi and audio producer Jill Silberstein.

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