Friskies Plus Alice The Cat

Nestlé Purina PetCare is promoting Friskies Plus cat food in Alice The Cat, a television commercial inspired by the surreal world of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Magical swirls and plus signs from a freshly opened can of Friskies Plus unlock a secret portal in an unassuming kitchen. Alice, being a curious cat, steps through the mysterious doorway and into a wonderland (of course), where she meets chickens and turkeys, strolls across floating lily pads and finds her way to a joyful tea party in her honor.

Alice The Cat

Alice The Cat Credits

Alice The Cat was developed at Avrett Free Ginsberg by executive creative director David Moore, executive director of broadcast production Betsy Rosenblum, copywriter Rachel Hutchison, art director Kimi Peterson, account executive Dawn Terrazas, assistant account executive Kaela Carey.

The commercial was produced at Psyop via Smuggler, by creative directors Marie Hyon and Lauren Indovina, executive producer Lydia Holness, senior producer Crystal Campbell, Smuggler executive producers Patrick Milling Smith, Brian Carmody, Lisa Rich, Allison Kunzman and Laura Thoel, Smuggler live action producer Michael Schlenker, director of photography Fred Elmes, designers Lauren Indovina, Eunice Kim and Pete Sickbert-Bennett, editor Cass Vanini, storyboard artist Ben Chan, lead technical advisor Mark Rohrer, VFX supervisor Joerg Liebold, modelling team Soo Hee Han, Todd Daniele, Brian Eck, Chris Fudge, Aldrich Torres, rigging artist Frank Narajo, animation lead Kitty Lin, animator Ryan Moran, lighting pipeline technical director Jonah Friedman, lighting team Helen Choi, Andy Gilbert and Chris Wilson, texturing team Soo Hee Han, George Smaragdis, Dan Gregoras, Susie Jang, lead tracking artist Joerg Liebold, tracking artist Tim Mendler, Feathering team Jonah Friedman, Andy Hara and Elefant Studios, real flow artist Marcelo Cermak, lead compositor Thomas Panayiotou, compositors Manu Gaulot, Chase Massingil, Winston Lee, Adam Flynn, Flame artist Fabien Coupez.

Music was produced at MAS. Sound was mixed at The Napoleon Group by Ron DiCesare.