Fresh Awards Make Mum Proud

The Fresh Awards call for entries this year, “Make Your Mum Proud For Once”, involved three mothers of British creative directors talking about their hopes and dreams for their sons. If you don’t wear a tie to work, you haven’t got a proper job. That’s what most mums think. They’ll never understand advertising. And no matter what household brand you’ve worked on, it doesn’t compare to the 100m Swimming Badge you won back in school. So what can you do to make mum proud again? Win a Fresh Award of course. Full of ‘in jokes’ and nods to clients, the online films and print ads poke fun at the individuals and the advertising industry in general.

Fresh Awards Make Mum Proud

The campaign uses actual mothers of well-known UK regional creative directors Dylan Bogg, Big Communications, Tom Richards, BJL, and Vince McSweeney, McCann Birmingham.

Fresh Awards Mrs Boggs Make Your Mum Proud

Fresh Awards Mrs Richards Make Your Mum Proud

Fresh Awards Mrs McSweeney Make Your Mum Proud


The Make Mum Proud campaign was developed at McCann Birmingham by creative director Vince McSweeney, copywriters Tim Jarvis and James Cross, art directors Barrie Robinson and Tim Jones.

Filming was shot by director Alex Telfer via MTP with editor Scott McCartney. Sound was produced by Seb Blach.

Still work was done by photographer Alex Telfer and designer Duncan Bancroft.