FollowFish TunaTunes

Followfish, Fish & More’s canned fish brand in Germany, is running “Tuna Tunes”, a campaign centred around the most sustainable jam session in the world. The company is highlighting the sustainability of their new tinned tuna by building a tuna ukelele out of it in collaboration with singer/songwriter Duncan Townsend and guitar maker Karsten Schnoor. The TunaTunes campaign is online on, Facebook and on the FollowFish Youtube channel.

TunaTunes Ukelele

Click on the image below to play the TunaTunes documentary in YouTube

Jam Session #1 features German pop singer Johannes Oerding performing “Einfach nur weg” (Just to get away). Click on the image below to play Session #1 in YouTube

Jam Session #2 features Berlin dancehall group Culcha Candela performing Schöne neue Welt (Brave New World). Click on the image below to play the Session #2 video.

FollowFish TunaTunes
TunaTunes Duncan Townsend and Karsten Schnoor

Tuna Tunes Credits

The Tuna Tunes campaign was developed at Leagas Delaney, Hamburg, by chief creative officer Stefan Zschaler, creative directors Florian Schimmer and Michael Götz, art directors Robert Westphal and Felix Boeck, copywriter Heiko Franzgrote, with online concept by Björn Lange.

Filming was shot by director Florian Meimberg via LDPD (Leagas Delaney Production Department) with director of photography Felix Storp. Post production was done at NHB, Hamburg.

Sound was designed at Supreme Music. Music was produced by singer/songwriter Duncan Townsend, with guitar made by Karsten Schnoor.