Fly Buys Something A Little Good

Fly Buys in New Zealand has launched “Something A Little Bit Good”, a television commercial providing a mystical connection to loyalty cards in the supermarket. The Something A Little Good ad toggles between store check-out scenes and fantastic panoramas of animals in some far-off naturalistic nirvana. A cashier’s swipe at a supermarket or electronics store might correspond with a cloud of butterflies forming in a meadow, a frog relaxing in a forest stream with an army of guppies servicing his webbed feet, or a polar bear taking a plunge from a cliff into a swimming hole. The juxtaposition of the varying elements suggests that there may be more to the company’s slogan – “Every time you swipe, something a little bit good happens” – than we realize.

Fly Buys Frog Something A Little Good

Fly Buys Polar Bear

Something A Little Good Credits

The Something A Little Good campaign was developed at Clemenger BBDO, Wellington, by executive creative director Philip Andrew, creative director Brigid Alkema, creatives Mitch Alison, Alex Metson and Emily Beautrais, and head of television Martin Gray.

Filming was shot by Psyop directors Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick with Flying Fish producer Penelope Sinclair, director of photography Ginny Loane, and editor Brett Nicoletti.

Visual effects were produced at MPC by managing director Andrew Bell, VFX producer Nicole Fina, VFX supervisors Ross Denner, Benoit Mannequin, lead 3D artist/CG supervisor Ross Denner, senior lighter Fred Durand, senior animators Ian Wilson, Jonah Austin, generalists Nikki Mull, William Schilthuis, particles artist John Cherniack, matte painter Adam Leary, fur/groom team Dameon Boyle, David Mayhew, rigger Felix Balbas, fur dynamics artist Cristian Hinz Welkens, tech animator Edward L, lead 2D artist Benoit Mannequin, 2D artists Will Voss Johnson, Katerina Arroyo, matchmove Brindha Ravichandran and Sathya Narayan, texturing artist Inigo Vimal Roy, Raju Ganesh S., modeling team Kunal Sarkar, Prashant Nair, colorist Mark Gethin.

Original music and sound design was by Liquid Studios.