Flipkart.com Happy Doors

Flipkart.com, an online megastore, is today India’s fastest growing E-commerce portal. The reason for their huge success is the fact that they are a highly customer-centric company that constantly strives to delight their customers with great prices, products and timely delivery. Happy Creative Services developed a print advertising campaign keeping in mind that a house door is the first physical point of contact between Flipkart and their customers. Given their track record, a ‘happy door’ seemed apt.

Flipkart.com Happy Door

Flipkart.com Happy Door

Flipkart.com Happy Door


The Happy Doors campaign was developed at Happy Creative Services, Bangalore, by chief creative officer Praveen Das, executive creative director Kartik Iyer, creative director Carl Savio, art directors Shatrugan Ramanathan, Kedar Chauhan, art director/copywriter Carl Savio, client service team Ruchika Chaudhry, Neelima Kariappa, woodwork artist Param Natrajan, photographers Ebbie Munk and Kopp Koppula, and retoucher Ramakrishna R.

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