Fiat Palio Perfect Presents

Fiat in Argentina is promoting the new Fiat Palio with “Perfect Present”, a television advertising campaign focusing on the memorable moments of our lives. Three commercials, Cirugía (Surgery), Oficina (Office) and Pantuflas (Slippers), associate the car with moments in which men and women blur reality and fantasy.

Fiat Boob Job

A male driver can’t believe what he’s hearing when his female partner breaks the news about her impending plastic surgery. Click on the image below to play the Boob Job video in YouTube

A woman returns home from work to have her husband cooking dinner, her son respecting her and even her dog glad to see her. Her LED embedded slippers are only surpassed by sight of the new Fiat Palio in the driveway. Click on the image below to play the Slippers video in YouTube

A young man fantasizes about the new opportunities for flirting associated with his first day working in the office. Click on the image below to play the Office video in YouTube


The Perfect Presents campaign was developed at Leo Burnett Argentina, Buenos Aires, by executive creative director Seto Olivieri, creative director Dauquén Chabeldin, art director Hernán Cuñado, account director Hernán Cuñado, account supervisor Augustine Remaggi, account executive Rafaela Neves, accounts assistant Malena Truffa, agency producers Federico Puricelli and Sebastian Tarruella, working with Fiat marketing team Andrés Gobbi, Sergio Vera and Carolina Mendez Acosta.

Filming was shot by director Lemon via Ursula with executive producer Adrián D’Amario, general producer Johanna Trosman, and visual artist Marto Otonello.

Post production was done at Wolf. Music was produced at Supercharango.