FedexCup Golf Spots

Fedex is promoting PGA Tour related shipping with a series of television commercials contrasting the service with the hassles of being seen carrying golf clubs into hotels. In “Check-In” three employees throw away their clubs under the mistaken assumption that their boss has left his clubs behind. In “Band” a manager berates hard core rock members for being seen with golf clubs. From here on he’ll organise FedExCup. In “Arnold Palmer Tea” a cluey golfer, who has shipped his golf clubs with Fedex, decides to rename his Arnold Palmer drink after himself.

FedexCup Check-In

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FedexCup Credits

The FedexCup campaign was developed at BBDO New York by chief creative officer David Lubars, executive creative directors Mike Smith and Greg Hahn, creative directors Gianfranco Arena and Peter Kain, associate creative directors Justin Bilicki and Alex Taylor, agency producer Elise Pavone.

Filming was shot by director Jim Jenkins via O Positive.

Editor was Carlos Arias at Rock Paper Scissors (Check-In) and Ian Mackenzie at Mackenzie Cutler (Arnold Palmer and Band).