ExxonMobil Let’s Solve This

ExxonMobil is running “Let’s Solve This”, an investment program designed to encourage students to take an active interest in careers in the math and science fields, support professional development of highly qualified teachers and promote involvement of women and minorities in these subjects. Five television commercials, launched in June, appeal to the patriotic pride of Americans, “Touchdown” features the 1969 lunar landing not as an American first, but a seventh. The campaign also includes “Podium,” “Our Challenge,” “Mach Buster” and “Decades.”

ExxonMobile Lunar Mission Archives

“Touchdown” shows the NASA manned moon landing of July 1969. As the astronaut steps out and moves forward he sees not a bare moon surface, but one dotted with the flags of other countries. A voiceover asks, “What if we weren’t first? Today, American students rank 17th in the world in science. It’s time to lead again. Let’s solve this.” Click on the image below to play the Touchdown video in YouTube

Podium pulls the camera back at a games ceremony to reveal what at first appears to be an American gold medalist to reveal 24 better performing athletes. to Click on the image below to play the Podium video in YouTube

In “Decades” John F Kennedy’s “We Choose to go to the moon” speech is echoed by students in various settings. Click on the image below to play the Decades video in YouTube

An American plane attempting to be the first to break the sound barrier is beaten to it by a set of overseas competitors. Click on the image below to play the Mach Buster video in YouTube


The Let’s Solve This campaign was developed at The Martin Agency by creative directors Andy Azula and Jason Komulainen.

Filming was shot by director Erik Van Wyk via BRW USA, Los Angeles, by producer Suzie Tedesco, executive producer Jodi Kemper and executive producer Gianfilippo Pedrotti.

Editor was Adam Pertofsky at Rock Paper Scissors.

Visual effects were produced at A52, Los Angeles, by Flame artist Glynn Tebbutt.