Exhilo Thought Engineering

Web hosting company Dedipower launched its new brand Exhilo in November 2011 with a video screened at the BIMA Awards for Digital/Interactive excellence held at the Fabric Club in London. The Bodysonic first floor venue made it possible to connect music soundtrack with a floor vibrating with four hundred bass transducers. “As digital creativity is asked to push the boundaries between machine, human and nature – bending perceptions of reality and creating new interpretations – exhilo will scale and react to support the most progressive endeavours.” Dedipower soon after merged with Lumison and BlueSquare Data to form Pulsant.

Exhilo Thought Engineering

Exhilo Brand Film Credits

The Exhilo Brand Film was developed at BKKR, Farnham, Surrey, UK, by creatives Peter Holsgrove and Nick Cannons.

Filming was shot by KORB director Rimantas Lukavicius via Stink with producers Edward Grann and Lina Paskeviciute. Post production was done at KORB.

Sound was designed by Michael Fakesch at Designing Sounds, Rosenheim, Germany.

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