Evian T-Shirts Are Back

Evian has launched special sized bottles containing just the amount of water needed for different occasions. The new product line is being promoted with a print advertising campaign featuring the return of the baby t-shirts, promoting the 33cl Mini, 50cl Street, 75cl Sport, and 1l Work. Whether at work, on the train, at the gym or on a shopping spree, the t-shirt babies are ready for action. The campaign will be seen on the streets of Paris, NYC, London, Tokyo and Dubai from May 2nd. The collector’s t-shirts are available on evian.com.

Evian Live Young Handstand

Evian Live Young Sport

Evian Live Young Sport

Evian Live Young Metro

Evian Live Young Work

Evian Live Young Kids

Evian Live Young Bag


The Evian campaign was developed at BETC Euro RSCG, Paris, by global creative director Rémi Babinet, creative director Agnès Cavard, assistant art director Félix Falzon, concept editor Valérie Chidlovsky, photographer Nathaniel Goldberg, art buyer Nathalie Gruselle, account team Marielle Durandet, Dominique Vérot, Gaëlle Gicqueau, Isabelle Picot, Antoine Clemenceau, working with with Danone Eaux France marketing team Michaël Aïdan, Cécile Turkel, Frédéric Guichard, Julien Nuzzo, Elsa de Guzman de Saint Nicolas. Production was done at Rita Productions by Karine Manzic.

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