Eurostar Olympic Statues

Eurostar, known for its Paris to London train route and creative advertising campaigns, is running a print advertising campaign featuring British pub sports darts and snooker in an Ancient Greece sculpture mode. The campaign is designed to promote Eurostar’s sponsorship of the 2012 London Olympics.

Eurostar Olympics Statue Dart poster

Eurostar Olympics Statue Cue poster


The Olympic Statues campaign was developed at Leg, Paris, by creative director Gabriel Gaultier, copywriter Virgile Lassalle, art directors Stéphane Richard and Caroline Lorin, account directors Adrien Taquet and Cécile Lechevalier, producer Sandrine Raveneau, art buyer Pia Schneider, photographer Paul Murphy, CGI and retouching studio Recom Farmhouse.

  • keiran duffy

    i don’t like these pictures,they are rude & disgusting

  • Fox


    Only would be better had the ads been developed by the UK Olympics – as I thought they had when first I saw them in a Paris metro.

  • okonomi

    Good enough to be on T-Shirts for sale during the Olympics. I am sure someone will do it.

  • Mudhooks

    Wish there was a whole series of these. As for being “rude and disgusting”… Are classical Greek or Roman statues “rude and disgusting”? Hardly. Some people need to open their minds a little.