ETrade Babies and Fatherhood

E*TRADE is running a fifth year of Super Bowl Talking Baby advertising, with “Fatherhood”, and a range of associated online and print components linked to transition points in life. The Super Bowl spot, entitled “Fatherhood,” features the E*TRADE Baby reassuring a nervous new dad about planning for his newborn daughter’s future with help from Financial Consultants at E*TRADE. The ad finishes as the baby’s friend Bobby stops by for a surprise visit.

E*Trade Baby Fatherhood commercial

Click on the image below to play the Fatherhood video.

The Fatherhood campaign is associated with a second television spot, Best Man, a Youtube video, Top Ten Baby Moments, a series of investing solutions television commercials showcasing E*TRADE 360, Retirement and E*TRADE Pro, print and online executions aligned to the recently launched new website, Facebook and Twitter elements, and online advertising integration with key sites including™ and®,™, Yahoo!®, Google®, YouTube®, Facebook® and Twitter®.

Click on the image below to play the Best Man video.

Click on the image below to play the 10 Best Baby Moments video.

ETrade Fatherhood Credits

The Fatherhood campaign was developed at Grey New York by chief creative officer Tor Myhren, creative director Eric Segal, art directors Kimberly Kietz, Zack Menna and Doug Fallon, copywriters Rich Singer, Pete Holmes, John Clarkson, Jeff Vinick and Steve Fogel, assistant producer Suzie Rosenthal, business manager Merry DePhillips, casting agent Nina Pratt, client consultant John Clarkson, director of broadcast production Bennett McCarroll, project manager Lia Armatas, associate music producer Zachary Pollakoff.

Filming was shot by director Tim Abshire via Rabbit Content with director of photography William Rexer, executive producers Douglas Howell and Joby Bamhart, head of production Jeff Sommar, and producer Zac Zimmerman.

Editor was Alex Cohan at Vision Post with assistant editor Jackie Helfgott, executive producer Gray Hirschfield, line producer Lindsay Brzowski, mixers Dante Desole and Matt Baker.

Music was produced at Marmoset Music.

Special effects were produced at The Mill by executive producer Jared Yeater, on set VFX supervisor Danny Morris, lead compositors Keith Sullivan and Tony Robbins, colorist Fergus McCall, telecine producer Claudia Guevara, compositors John Ciampa, Mario Caserta, Randy McEntee, assistant compositors Randy Krueger, Brendan Oneil, Jade Kim, Dusty Diller and Patrick Mahoney, element shoots team Jared Auslander, Darnell Laval, end tag shoots creative director Jeff Stevens and animator Eugene Kolb.