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Ethel’s, a little known beer brand launched during Cannes International Festival of Creativity, was the cover for an elaborate self-promotion for advertising agency DDB Worldwide. The campaign for Ethel’s, featuring sassy 88 year old Brooklyn widow Ethel, included commercials, print and outdoor advertising, party sponsorship social media and custom ordered and designed bottled brew. Ethel Margaret Goldschmidt, married to Burt at the age of 20, recently became a widow, and has not looked back. Working with grandson Seth Goldschmidt and daughter Suzie Goldschmidt she’s started a premium beer company, inspired by a 1951 vacation to Oktoberfest in Germany. Ethel’s Brew has it’s own microsite,, Twitter page, Youtube channel, Facebook page, Google+ page and blog (blank it would seem).

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Ethel’s BrewThe Press Release

Ethel’s Brew is named for Ethel Goldschmidt, who happened upon Oktoberfest with her late husband in the 1950’s. While there, her husband, Burt, fell in love with beer and with the idea of opening his own brewery one day. After the much-beloved Burt passed, leaving her a small fortune, Ethel decided at the ripe old age of 88 that she wanted to live life to the fullest. Shortly thereafter, she started brewing the namesake beer and is having the time of her life doing so. Its bold vintage label design captures Ethel’s unique personality by depicting her alongside the distinctive necker jovially stating, “I make a mean bundt cake too.”

Ethel’s Brew – a clean, smooth, European-style busty blonde brewed with three different types of malt, is produced from French barley and several varieties of hops. With golden highlights, fruity notes, a slightly bitter finish, and an ABV of 6%, this barley-scented brew glistens with just the right amount of head. Ethel’s Brew has a refreshing tang that makes it an excellent summer beer that is thirst-quenching for times when you’re breaking a sweat. Its packaging pays homage to its namesake and beer enthusiast Ethel Goldschmidt, and it boasts a brazen summertime gusto for both the young and the old (particularly the old who want to feel young).

“Ethel’s Brew, a summery and busty blonde, is the first product in Ethel’s expanding family of ales,” said Seth Goldschmidt, Ethel’s Brew Head of Marketing, and grandson to the founder. “Ethel’s Brew is the first beer made by the company, and is named after my grandma. It’s brewed in the style of the kolsch German ale. Our family is excited about the company launch and the prospect of ultimately expanding our line of beers to include a classic west coast IPA or a foreign-style stout.”

Ethel’s Brew will be available in 12 oz. bottles in participating pubs/bars beginning mid-June. You can stay updated on all Ethel’s Brew news and giveaways by “Liking” their page at or by following @ethelsbrew on Twitter. For more information, please visit the company website,

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Ethel’s Brew Credits

The Ethel’s Brew campaign was developed at DDB Worldwide and DDB New York by global chief creative officer Amir Kassaei, chief creative officer Matt Eastwood, executive creative director Menno Kluin, digital executive creative director Joe Cianciotto, associate creative director/art director Carlos Wigle, associate creative director/copywriter Aron Fried, copywriter Katie Riddle, senior art director Shawna Laken, digital art directors Megan Sheehan, Charlon De Graav, Sam Shepherd, Patrick Jones, Rachel Newell, digital copywriters Frank Cartagena, Step Schultz, Luke Carmody, designer Juan-Carlos Pagan, head of broadcast production Ed Zazzera, producer Katy Fuoco, account supervisor Heather Olson, director of digital production Paul Sundue, digital senior producer Carly Ferguson, digital producer Andy Tarradath, digital account coordinator Hawley Tremblay, director of print production Leslie Silver, print producer Kim Oetting and senior project manager Andy Wong.

The Ethel’s Brew brand was designed at Coy! Communications, London, by director/designer/graphic designer Mark Denton, typographer Andy Dymock, photographer/director of photography Sean de Sparengo, executive producer Sara Cummins, production manager Tanya Speight, and assistant director Fern Berresford.

Still photography was produced at TAG Creative, London, and retouched at Smoke & Mirrors Design, London, Studio 8/DDB NY, New York.

Editor was Joel Miller at Cut + Run with assistant editor Ben Jones, executive producer Rana Martin and producer Melati Pohan.

Post production was done at Moving Picture Company, New York and London, by managing director Graham Bird, executive producer Justin Brukman, producer Christos Mountzouros, producer Jamie Loudon, colourist Aline Sinquin and Flame artist James Adamson.

Sound and music were produced at Finger Music & Sound Design, New York, by producer Ewa Miller, sound designer and composer Dave Hodge, and at Sound Lounge, New York, by mixer Seth Phillips, executive producer Jill Silberstein, producer Andrew May. Casting director was Carrie Faverty.