El Ojo de Iberoamérica Awards 2012

Award winners have been announced for the 2012 El Ojo de Iberoamérica (The Eye of Latin America), the LatAm region’s festival of creativity held this month in Buenos Aires. Here’s a list of the El Gran Ojo, or the Grand Prix for each category.

El Ojo de Iberoamerica awards

Dads in Briefs

EL GRAN OJO: AUDIO-VISUAL PRODUCTION goes to “Dads in Briefs” from Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi (agency) and Primo (Producer) for BGH Silent Air. In a region where many consider air conditioning a luxury, dads are all too comfortable in nothing but briefs. This series of commercials makes a compelling case for getting that AC installed.

My Blood is Red and Black

EL GRAN OJO: TERCER OJO (TITANIUM) goes to “My Blood is Red and Black” by Leo Burnett Tailor Made for Hemoba (the blood bank of Bahía). To raise awareness for the lack of blood in the state of Bahía, the popular soccer team E.C. Vitória removed the color red from their jerseys to encourage fans to donate. As donations increased, red began to return to their uniforms. Click on the image below to play the English version case study video.

Rivers of Light

EL GRAN OJO: OUTDOOR goes to “Rivers of Light” by Lowe/SSP3 for the Colombian Minstry of Defense. To encourage members of FARC to demobilize and spend Christmas with their families, messages were placed in brightly lit Christmas ornaments and placed in the rivers near known guerilla fronts to help guide their way home.

Rivers of Light

Download Concert

EL GRAN OJO: DIRECT and EL GRAN OJO: MOBILE goes to “Download Concert” by Ogilvy & Mather Colombia for streaming platform Coke FM. To promote Coke FM in Colombia, a concert was held with the band suspended 50K meters above the crowd. For every song downloaded by the crowd, the band came 10 meters closer to being within view.

Fashion Like

EL GRAN OJO: INTERACTIVE goes to “Fashion Like” by DDB Brazil for C&A Brazil. To help indecisive shoppers, C&A Brazil installed racks with hangers that would show the number of “likes” each item had gotten on Facebook, in real-time. Click on the image below to play the English version case study video.


EL GRAN OJO: PRINT PRODUCTION goes to “Flags” by JWT Argentina for Mercado magazine. A print campaign for business magazine Mercado to illustrate the complexities of how the world changes.

Mercado Flags campaign

Vicious Cycle

EL GRAN OJO: PRINT goes to “Vicious Cycle” from Young & Rubicam Mexico for Save the Children. This compelling campaign demonstrates the sad fact that 70% of abused children grow up to become abusive adults.

Save the Children Vicious Cycle

The Most Popular Song

EL GRAN OJO: PR goes to “The Most Popular Song” by JWT Puerto Rico for Banco Popular. Bono once said, “Music can change the world, because it can change people.” In this case from JWT Puerto Rico, it was important to change the song first.

The Most Popular Song

Concert of Toys

EL GRAN OJO: CONTENT goes to “The Concert of Toys” by CHINA for Toys ’R’ Us in Spain. To celebrate 20 years of Toys ‘R’ Us in Spain and remind families of the importance of play, the Madrid Metropolitan Orchestra gave the world’s first classical concert using only toys as instruments. Click on the image below to play the video.

1882 Anxious People and a Pen Cap

EL GRAN OJO: FILM/TV goes to “1882 Anxious People and a Pen Cap” from Madre Buenos Aires (agency) and Úrsula (production) for Fernet 1882. The bitter liqueur Fernet 1882 mocks the nervous habits of an anxious crowd by putting their manias on grand display while two calm observers watch the show as if it were a circus, contrasting the madness with the serenity of relaxing with a good drink. Click on the image below to play the video.

Back to Garbarino

EL GRAN OJO: PROMO goes to “Back to Garbarino” by Leo Burnett Argentina for Garbarino. Doc Brown and the DeLorean make a crash landing in Argentina’s flagship Garbino electronics store, making it clear that the future’s at Garbino. Click on the image below to play the English version video.