Earth Hour Lights Out Fly Through

WWF France is running “Fly Through”, a television commercial reminding people to turn off their lights for an hour at 8.30 pm, March 31. The Earth Hour uses imagery taken from space to show the impact of a global “switch off”, set to the music of Santigold, “Lights Out”.

Earth Hour Lights Out France 20:30:00

Click on the image below to play the Earth Hour Fly Through video.

Earth Hour Lights Out Credits

The Fly Through video was developed at Leo Burnett France, Paris, using original images from NASA. Post production, imagery and sound, was produced at WAM, Paris. Music is “Lights Out”, performed by Santigold, with words and music by Santi White, Chris Feinstein and John Hill, EMI Music Publishing France + Because Editions, produced at Lizard King Records UK.