Drugs Set Your Timeline

The Israel Anti-Drug Authority (IADA) launched a Facebook campaign, ‘Drugs Set Your Timeline’ on 4th January 2012 to increase awareness in young adults (18-24) of the damages of prolonged drug use. McCann Digital Israel created a fictional user, Adam Barak, and used a ‘split page’ timeline, modelled on the updated Facebook layout, displaying Adam’s life under the influence of drugs in one column (A year with) and the same Adam drug-free in the other column (A year without). Each post is dated and each photo in one column has a direct temporal equivalent in the other, allowing the viewer to retrace Adam’s choices at each moment and assess the route to his happiness or demise. The campaign knowingly breached Facebook’s rules and regulations on fake profiles, particularly those constructed for brands, and was taken down after eight days.

Drugs Timeline on Facebook

On his Facebook feed we see that drug-using Adam has a computer surrounded by drug paraphernalia, is chucked out by his girlfriend, sits dejectedly on the street, and stares hopelessly at his ravaged face in a cracked mirror. In stark contrast drug-free Adam posts a photo of a clean computer desk complete with desktop photo of a girl kissing his cheek and a post-it saying ‘I Love You’. He can be seen taking a trip to the cinema with a friend, checking out his clean-cut look and buttoning up a smart suit in the mirror, and finally looking relaxed and happy in bed while his girlfriend, reflected in a mirror, takes the picture. This last shot contrasts directly with addict Adam sleeping rough alone on the street.

Drugs Timeline on Facebook

Drugs Timeline on Facebook

Drugs Timeline on Facebook

Drugs Timeline on Facebook


The Drugs Set Your Timeline campaign was developed at McCann Digital Israel by creative director Nir Refuah, art director Nir Hersztadt, copywriter Daniel Barak (Adam), account director Shibolet Alkobi, agency producer Inbal Fanan, photographer Gooli Cohen.

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