Don’t Drive with a Hangover

Drinking while affected by an alcohol-induced hangover is being challenged in “Nie jedź na kacu”, (Don’t Drive with a Hangover) an integrated advertising campaign being rolled out in Poland. Research has shown that 75 percent of drunk drivers are those driving on the “second day”, with a hangover. The campaign addresses this concerning statistic with a website,, Facebook page, and two Youtube videos (60 seconds and 30 seconds). The events leading up to the tragic death of a young boy on the road, are explored from two perspectives, that of the victim and that of the offender. The campaign includes radio advertising and a set of large stickers. “Don’t drive with a hangover. Turn on thinking. Your hangover can cost someone’s life.”

Don't Drink with a Hangover

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Hangover Credits

The Hangover campaign was developed at Fabryka Komunikacji Społecznej (Social Communications Factory), Warsaw, by strategists Paweł Prochenko, Ireneusz Stankiewicz, copywriter Arkadiusz Majewski, art director Łukasz Wdowicz, with film director Marek Dawid.