“Dimanche/Sunday”, a short film by Patrick Doyon, has been nominated for Best Short Film (Animated) at the 84th Academy Awards. The 9.50 minute animated film follows a young boy as he discovers something about life in the wilds of Canada. In keeping with their Sunday tradition, after mass a family flocks to grandma and grandpa’s house, where the chaotic discussion soon begins to resemble a raucous gathering of crows on power lines. The local factory has shut its doors and, naturally, the adults can’t stop fretting about their money woes. On this particular grey Sunday, a young boy drops a coin on some nearby train tracks out of sheer boredom. Picking the coin up after a train has run over it, he discovers to his astonishment that an amazing transformation has taken place…

Dimanche Sunday

Watch the trailer as hosted on Patrick Doyon’s Vimeo channel.

Play the 9.50 short film as hosted on the National Film Board of Canada site.

Dimanche/Sunday was directed by Patrick Doyon, with editor Jelena Popovic, online editor producers Marc Bertrand and Michael Fukushima. Infographics was by SteGo, Olivier Domenchini and Olivier Lavenant.

Music and sound design were by Luigi Allemano. Voice actors were Chantal Baril, Natalie Hamel Roy, Jacques Lavallée, François Sasseville and Nicolas Scott, recorded by Geoffrey Mitchell and Luc Léger, with sound mixer Jean Paul Vialard. Special advisor was Jean-Philippe Fauteux. Foley was by Karla Baumgardner.

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