Dear Sixteen Year Old Me

David Cornfield Melanoma Fund in Toronto, Canada, has achieved viral success with “Dear 16-Year-Old Me”, a moving PSA designed to help teenagers become aware of skin cancer and how to potentially avoid it. The 5-minute film shows skin cancer survivors talking to themselves retrospectively. The video, in several languages, is linked to the DCMF website,, which was revamped for the campaign launch with tools and information about melanoma. Toronto agency Evidently explains that the Dear Sixteen Year Old Me campaign was based around three pillars: to provide value, making online content rich with information; to lower barriers, designing things like pre-filled tweets in order to make content uber shareable; and to be human, which meant finding a balance between gravity, poignancy and humour.

Dear Sixteen Year Old Me

Click on the image below to play the Dear Sixteen Year Old Me video.

Dear Sixteen Year Old Me Credits

The Dear Sixteen Year Old Me campaign was developed at Evidently, Toronto, by executive creative director Daniel Zeff, creative director/copywriter Marisa Caple, executive producer Alex McDonnell.

Filming was shot by director Boris Mojsovski with editor Frank Guidoccio.

Music is “Generator ^ First Floor” by Freelance Whales.

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